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Outsourced Services Case Study

SAM Support Help Desk

Client: Software asset management team at a leading software development company

Business Problem: The introduction of a data collection and analysis tool for software asset management (SAM) required support to ensure that multiple users, primarily external partners, could use the new web application consistently.

Our Solution: With extensive expertise in SAM and BI, Inviso is responsible for the management of end to end support for a SAM Support Help Desk on an outsource basis.

Data collection is a fundamental part of software asset management (SAM) process, which is the business practice of optimizing an organization’s software licensing. To simplify the process, build greater efficiency, and achieve increased data consistency, a leading software development company created a web application toolset to standardize data collection and reporting.

Our client uses an extensive worldwide partner community made up of SAM experts to help end customers optimize their software assets. These partners are on the front-line with customer interactions, and serve an important role. With the new approach to data collection added to their charter, most partners need expert support use the new toolset most effectively.

Inviso was invited to take on the task of providing help desk support to the partners. Outsourcing this work made a lot of sense - as subject matter experts in software licensing and SAM, and a key developer of the data collection tool itself, Inviso has the specialized knowledge to provide the needed support, freeing the client up to focus on the insights from data collected to achieve higher level business objectives.

Tiered support levels that reflect the client’s business priorities each have clearly defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are closely monitored to ensure the client’s expectations are met and any issues resolved within a prescribed time. Regular reporting keeps the client up-to-date on partner performance; issues are escalated to the client on as as-needed basis.

To accommodate help requests that come in from around the world, Inviso has added resources strategically to provide the broad geographic coverage that’s required. The Inviso staff works off-site from the client, and all stages of the personnel process, from hiring to training to managing, fall under Inviso’s responsibility. To deliver against aggressive goals while also helping to build in efficiencies to drive down costs, Inviso executes against a well-defined, end-to-end process that it was instrumental in helping create.

In addition to the help desk support, Inviso has also taken on sustaining engineering support for the tool itself, including break/fix development on the released application, and development engineering work for the follow-on version of the data collection tool.

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