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Outsourced Services Case Study

Profiling Operations

Client: Data manager for software licensing IT team at a leading software development company

Business Problem: To assemble the data needed to ensure proper software licensing, the client needed worldwide support for organizational information requests, but was hindered by a lack of skilled internal resources and a limited budget.

Our Solution: Inviso supplied worldwide support for the profiling operations on an outsource services basis, including 24/7 help desk, operations management and support, and business analytics and reporting. Over a four year period, Inviso increased overall outflow while reducing costs more than 50%, resulting in costs savings of more than $1 million/year.

Developing an accurate and comprehensive map of an organizational hierarchy is an important part of the software licensing process for larger firms, helping ensure that the software manufacturer is fairly compensated and the software licensee pays only what they should. Creation of a corporate profile can be quite challenging - changes in personnel, location expansion or closures, and events like mergers, acquisitions and divestitures can cause confusion and complicate the process enormously.

With a background of software licensing and business analytics expertise, and a well-established practice built around analyzing corporate structures to create organizational profiles, Inviso had all the skills needed to support their client’s need for a worldwide helpdesk that supported profile creation and was independently created and managed. Over a period of ten years, Inviso provided profiling operations support, including a staff of up to 40 individuals, on an outsource services basis. This included providing consulting support to develop the operation, creating the infrastructure, building out and managing a global team to support all processes, and creation of a 24/7 help desk to support profile request coming in from around the world. In addition to managing and supporting the profiling operation, Inviso helped define the project’s reporting requirements and provided business analytics support to ensure all key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs) were met.

Because of the expertise Inviso had developed, additional suppliers that had worked directly with the client were brought under Inviso as sub-contractors. Inviso was responsible for these teams’ execution against SLAs, along with training, management, and personnel decisions. Work quality was enhanced because the core Inviso team had the skills to handle the more complicated profiles that occasionally challenged other teams.

Streamlining operations while meeting (if not exceeding) quality standards and SLAs was a top priority. A focus on data analytics meant that performance was regularly measured by key aspects. As a result of this attention to metrics, Inviso was able to effectively align the right resources to projected requirements, identifying opportunities to reduce cost. Over a four year period, Inviso increased overall outflow while reducing costs more than 50%, resulting in costs savings of more than $1 million/year.

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