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Polaris Apportal

Marketing Apportals can help you easily showcase your company, products, and services in a unique interactive experience.

Polaris Apportal

What costs about $25k and looks like it belongs in some futuristic Tom Cruise movie? The Polaris Slingshot of course, and Inviso had the pleasure of aiding in its introduction to the world through the Polaris Dealer Show Apportal alongside 4 of their other brands.

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Polaris needed a marketing solution to present to their Dealers at an Expo in Minneapolis. Their vision was to be able to illustrate the presale, retail, and engagement digital marketing activities to enhance their business. The trouble was that Polaris had 5 key brands to leverage, yet not all dealers carried all 5 brands. Through a strong internal partnership between our custom application development and creative teams, Inviso responded with the solution of a 5-hub Polaris Apportal.

Each hub showcased a specific brand, a customized video background, individual branding, and the ability to seamlessly navigate among brands. The result was an intelligent, informative, and engaging Marketing Apportal.

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