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Marketing Services

Successful marketing takes experience and understanding. At Inviso, these are our strengths. Drawing from our collective marketing expertise, our team works tirelessly to understand your audience’s mindset, create a message that resonates, and deliver it in a way that will be heard. We employ both innovative, push-the-envelope strategies, as well as tried-and-true approaches. Either way, we test vigorously and fine-tune our strategy so that you can be sure you’re reaching your audience, making an impression, and getting the results you intended.

Services We Offer

Marketing Campaign Strategy & Execution

A cohesive, fully integrated marketing campaign works overtime, using different mediums in tandem to make certain your marketing message gets noticed. At Inviso, we work with you to help determine the optimal mix of marketing tactics and create a highly impactful marketing campaign.

User Experience Design

We work closely with our customers and development teams to create effective, friendly experiences through technology. We utilize leading methodologies to build bridges between your vision and customer satisfaction.

  • Apportals
  • Windows and Mobile Apps
  • Responsive Websites and Apps
  • Interactive Demonstrations

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still an extremely effective medium to reach customers and prospects. At Inviso we specialize in email marketing—from concept, copy/design/HTML, and offer development to audience targeting, send execution in ExactTarget and Marketo to metrics and optimization. Whether your message is promotional or transactional in nature, we have the expertise to help you succeed at driving leads, event registrations, sales, or downloads.

Digital Marketing & Interactive Demos

Using interactive and online media is a compelling way to capture your audience’s attention and engage them in something new and unexpected. Whether it’s a personalized website, an animated product demo, or a visual tutorial that clearly illustrates the ins-and-outs of a complicated program or process, Inviso’s professionals are ready to lend their creativity and technical expertise.

Marketing Metrics & Analysis

A picture paints a thousand words, particularly when it comes to analyzing data. Whether you need analysis of marketing campaign results or other performance metrics, Inviso can create Power BI dashboards and scorecards that integrate data into graphical formats that are easy to understand and yield actionable insights.

Internal Corporate Education & Awareness

Getting your message to resonate within your own company can be one of the greatest marketing challenges. Inviso can help you document, summarize, and communicate your message to internal stakeholders in a graphically pleasing and impactful way.

We Are Hiring

We are always looking for qualified candidates that want to work in an environment where innovative thinking is supported, successes are rewarded, and the client comes first.

Why choose us

What makes us different?

We hire bright, energetic, passionate, creative and fun people. Our employees are the core of our vision and success and they are what our customers love about us.

Are we a staffing company?

Providing staffing services is only a part of our company. Overall, we are a services organization that provides both project based and ongoing services specialized in application development, business intelligence, marketing, software asset management, and business consulting.

Where can your career go?

Because we are a flat organization, people are rewarded by their ability to influence decisions and direction. We are constantly interacting with all divisions of our company to satisfy the needs of our clients. This collaboration builds skills and knowledge fostering professional growth.

Our Benefits

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