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Thinking about migrating to the Cloud?

  • by Liz Mangini
  • February 05, 2018
Thinking about migrating to the Cloud?

Are you wondering where to start, how to build a Cloud migration business plan, or how to forecast cost savings?

Inviso can deliver expert answers with a no-cost assessment.

Migrating to the Cloud can give you quick access to infrastructure, software, and development environments, improved scalability, increased collaboration, greater security, better business continuity, and cost savings. However, there can be challenges in moving your assets to the Cloud. For example, a traditional lift-and-shift model can leave you with an incorrectly-sized, over-provisioned environment and higher costs.

Inviso can help you understand and simplify the process, thereby reducing challenges. Your assessments will include:

  • On-prem Cloud sizing based on your current environment
  • Prioritization of workloads
  • Recommendations on IaaS verses PaaS architectures
  • Forecast of cost and value of migrating to the Cloud
  • Access to asset management tools

The award-winning, Inviso SAM & Cloud team understands the complexities of a Cloud migration. We can help you manage, optimize, and monitor every step of your journey. Partnering with Inviso is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to simplify and accelerate your migration to the Cloud.

Contact Inviso at to start a no-cost assessment today.

Liz Mangini

Liz is a Marketing Project Manager at Inviso. She brings over 20 years of writing, copyediting, public relations, and marketing experience. She is an expert in submitting projects through to client approval, markups, and final; a keen champion of the client’s brand; and a master at keeping project timelines on track while delivering high quality work. Liz has extensive writing and copyediting experience for both consumer and corporate marketing, including emails, press releases, newsletters, magazine articles, and website, blog, and social media content.

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