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Power BI Jumpstart: 3-Day Workshop

  • by Liz Mangini
  • November 10, 2017
Power BI Jumpstart: 3-Day Workshop

A hands-on workshop to help you adopt Microsoft Power BI for self-service business intelligence.

In our Power BI Jumpstart offer, we work side-by-side with your analytics/BI team to take an existing, high-value report and convert it to Power BI as a vehicle for training your team how to create Power BI reports and dashboards.

Instead of using dummy data, we use your organization’s real data, so you can learn Power BI best practices in a context that’s unique to your business. This offer is designed specifically for do-it-yourself teams that want secure, self-service Power BI for their organization.

Workshops can be held virtually or on-site.


Day 1 - creating a data model

  • Acquiring your data from source system
  • Transforming and shaping your data via Edit Queries
  • Creating relationships between tables
  • Creating calculated fields and measures using DAX
  • Integrating date tables
  • Creating hierarchies

Day 2 - creating reports and dashboards

  • Reproducing and enhancing report visualizations to tell the right story and generate insights
  • Implementing your brand/logos/colors
  • Creating/uploading Power BI Desktop files to app workspace to enable collaboration
  • Create dashboards

Day 3 - securing and sharing

  • Implement role/row level security
  • Configure scheduled refresh via Power BI Data Gateway
  • Creating app and share to users
  • Demonstrate how to make updates to Power BI Desktop file, dashboard and app and share to users


  • Attendees must have latest version of Power BI Desktop installed and access to underlying data source to follow along with workshop
  • Customer must have Data Gateway installed if scheduled refresh is required

To learn more about the Power BI Jumpstart Workshop or to sign up for the workshop, contact us at

Liz Mangini

Liz is a Marketing Project Manager at Inviso. She brings over 20 years of writing, copyediting, public relations, and marketing experience. She is an expert in submitting projects through to client approval, markups, and final; a keen champion of the client’s brand; and a master at keeping project timelines on track while delivering high quality work. Liz has extensive writing and copyediting experience for both consumer and corporate marketing, including emails, press releases, newsletters, magazine articles, and website, blog, and social media content.

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