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Business Intelligence Case Study

Data Process Automation

Markets are constantly shifting. Staying ahead means leveraging you data for actionable intelligence.

A real-time, curated, flexible platform for interacting with analytics enables faster response times to changing markets and high-value opportunities. As the deluge of corporate data grows exponentially, it's vital to connect teams and decision makers to the insights they need when they need it. Inviso’s data process automation service delivers actionable intelligence that's in sync with the rhythm of our client's businesses.


Client: National distribution company

Business Problem:

  • Hampered by data and analysis latency
  • Lacked efficient, real time business intelligence solutions

Our Solution:

  • Direct collaboration to build real time analytics solution
  • Worked to centralize data source and improve data quality
  • Built a foundation for data process automation
  • Developed key operational data
  • Reduced data latency
  • Built user interface
  • Reduce analysis latency
  • Improved firm’s performance and situational awareness

A large distributor of consumer electronics products began feeling increasing market pressure from online sites and self-service terminals. Historically, the firm relied on their near monopoly of distribution paired with limited points of sale to maintain and drive profits. Yet, as competition increased, and customers gained more choice, the firm’s sales and profits began to decline. While they possessed the needed point of sale data to help draw conclusions and insights into their performance, they had traditionally relied on manual data gathering and processing costing valuable time, resources and people. Moreover, they were severely hampered by data and analysis latency, reducing the value of their information and limiting their ability to react in near real time. Without timely and accurate data, the distributor was unable to make the strategic and operational choices required to remain competitive in a changing marketplace. As a result, the client sought a comprehensive solution that could minimize encumbering latencies while improving informed decision making and situational awareness. After considering other business intelligence solutions on the market, the client contacted Inviso.

Working directly with the client, Inviso began developing a business intelligence solution to create tangible efficiency gains in the client’s data analysis processes. By integrating the client’s multiple data sources and reducing the latency times that were damaging the value of the corporate data, Inviso was able to provide the needed solution.

The client possessed the necessary sales data, however they relied too heavily on manual data gathering and organizing increasing their data latency: the time for the business event until data storage. Inviso worked to automate this process while creating centralized data source, clean of inconsistencies, duplications and contradictions. This integrated data source set the foundation for effective processes automation.

Moreover, the integrated data source allowed for the development and discernment of key operational data: a selection of the most impactful and important data the firm needs for its operational and strategic decision-making. Inviso then developed an automated process to skim the client’s key operational data, resulting in, quicker data refresh times and less stress on IT infrastructure. This process ensured the client had the most pertinent information as soon as possible, facilitating informed decision making and improving the firm’s overall performance.

Next, Inviso worked with the client to develop a near real time analytics solution, which automatically transformed key operational data into actionable business insights sooner and more reliably than the firm’s own internal IT production. The process served to reduce the firm’s analysis latency: the time between storing the corporate data and generating actionable insights. Inviso’s work simplified and reduced the firm’s entire data utilization process while better aligning data analysis with the rhythm of business.

Designed to enhance the quality and value of operational information while reducing a firm’s reaction time to changes in the business environment, data process automation is the cornerstone of effective business intelligence. Inviso works with clients to insure maximum return on all business intelligence investments.

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