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Business Intelligence Case Study

Data Integration

Corporate data is an asset. Integrated, centralized and consistent corporate data is a competitive advantage.

Working from a trusted, centralized data source improves not only confidence and decision-making but allows for effective data operational and analytic initiatives. Inviso’s data integration service provides a scalable and flexible platform, ensuring a client’s business intelligence solution grows with the company.


Client: Sales & Marketing organization at leading tech firm

Business Problem:

  • Rapid growth and siloed corporate data
  • Hampering basic business function and performance
  • Obsolete data management system damages data flow and value

Our Solution:

  • Built universal, near real-time data source
  • Solved data quality issues
  • Customized user interfaces for web, mobile and other BI tools
  • Improved business efficiencies
  • Democratized access to data and reports
  • Improved overall business performance

A Seattle area tech firm was faced with a serious challenge: A combination of rapid growth, strategy shifts and new product launches had compromised the consistency, quality and basic organization of their internal sales and marketing data. As a result, the organization could no longer rely on and trust its existing data management to get the answers and insights they needed to continue their success; severely hampering it’s basic ability to conduct business. Their data was stored in disconnected silos across the organization and laden with duplications, inaccuracies and multiple “versions of the truth,” rendering it nearly useless. Simple tasks, such as looking up product licensing for a specific customer, became a time-consuming and resource-intensive task. Hampered by their cumbersome corporate data management, the department could no longer operate in an efficient manner, hindering business interactions with clients, preventing high-value opportunities from entering their radar and ultimately damaging their bottom line.

The firm’s outdated and burdensome data management system also obstructed the flow of information and insight throughout the organization. The firm had no effective way to access, share and work with a comprehensive, current and accurate data set. This resulted in disparate spreadsheets, forecasts and reports that forced employees to resolve data inconsistencies and errors on their own initiative. Business reviews soon devolved into discussions about the accuracy of the data - not the insights and actions the data was revealing. While the marketing firm knew the value of leveraged corporate data, they did not possess the talent, time or resources to solve their problem.

After searching the market for a business intelligence solution, the department contacted Inviso. Immediately, Inviso’s team began working directly with the client to develop a comprehensive data management solution. With the tools, talent and technology needed, Inviso worked quickly to centralize multiple data sources into a singular, universal and consistent data source. Designed specifically to aid the flow and sharing of information and insight across the organization, the central data source allows users to easily explore, extract and transform data anywhere, maximizing the efficiency of all data driven initiatives department-wide.

As one of the client’s primary concerns was data quality, developing a trustworthy data source was critical. Once the client’s data had been centralized, Inviso’s teams began resolving data inconsistencies, erasing duplications and resolving contradictions in the source systems. As Inviso’s team explained, bad data impedes success but trusted and consistent data allows for better-informed decisions, situational awareness and ultimately a powerful competitive advantage.

As a result of Inviso’s efforts on its behalf, the client was able to improve not only its own operational performance but also the quality and services it provided to its customers by, quickly and accurately, leveraging data driven recommendations. The client adopted a business intelligence solution for its own corporate data needs but, in the process, became a more valuable resource to its customers as well.

Inviso’s centralized hub approach for data management reduces IT complexity while improving overall data quality, utilization and access. Built to grow with your business, Inviso’s business intelligence solutions are designed to improve data flow, quality and organization. When used throughout an organization, quality data can build a solid foundation for fact-based, analytical decisions that can improve overall performance and profitability.

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