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Best Practices: Free 1-Day Assessment

Get expert recommendations from a trusted partner for aligning existing Power BI implementations to best practices.

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This offering is designed to give you expert recommendations on improving your existing Power BI implementation and optimizing for performance, scalability, security, usability, aesthetics, and more. During the assessment, we will sit with you to review your existing data connections, data model, DAX statements, report layouts, visualizations, and approach to security and publishing.

The assessment can be done remotely but can be held on-site if preferred.


At the conclusion of the assessment you will receive the following:

Documented findings

Recommended next steps

Estimate of time and effort needed to achieve your Power BI goals

We Are Hiring

We are always looking for qualified candidates that want to work in an environment where innovative thinking is supported, successes are rewarded, and the client comes first.

Why choose us

What makes us different?

We hire bright, energetic, passionate, creative and fun people. Our employees are the core of our vision and success and they are what our customers love about us.

Are we a staffing company?

Providing staffing services is only a part of our company. Overall, we are a services organization that provides both project based and ongoing services specialized in application development, business intelligence, marketing, software asset management, and business consulting.

Where can your career go?

Because we are a flat organization, people are rewarded by their ability to influence decisions and direction. We are constantly interacting with all divisions of our company to satisfy the needs of our clients. This collaboration builds skills and knowledge fostering professional growth.

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