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Power BI Implementation

Since our founding in 2004, Inviso has focused on delivering decision-ready data to its enterprise customers by becoming experts in Microsoft data platform products, including Power BI. As a front runner in the adoption of the latest release of Power BI and a trusted partner to Microsoft, we specialize in end-to-end Power BI implementation. We analyze your data and environment, determine compelling use cases, and light up immersive, high-value Power BI reports & dashboards in weeks, not months. Inviso embraces the self-service approach, providing expansive training for in-house analytics teams to maximize returns on their Power BI investment. We’ve been working with Power BI since the beginning, including beta testing new versions and building production solutions. Tap into that experience and efficiency with a Power BI solution from Inviso.

Power BI Jumpstart

Is your organization new to Power BI? Inviso has special offers to get you up-to-speed quickly. We‘ll take an existing report or dashboard, set up everything you need in your own environment, optimize your licensing, translate it to personalized Power BI reports and dashboards, and teach your team Power BI so they can create more and share insights broadly. It’s a low-cost, low-effort, and high-value way to innovate while evaluating Power BI.

Power BI Workshop

Inviso doesn’t just build Power BI solutions, we use it to run our day-to-day business. Let us work side-by-side with you and your team in a hands-on one-day workshop to learn how you can build powerful business analytics solutions. We will take you through the entire lifecycle of a Power BI report. You’ll learn how to connect to, import, and transform data from a variety of sources and build real data models as well as author and publish Power BI reports and dashboards. You’ll also learn how to customize and share your creations for collaboration with other groups securely within your organization, including mobile device sharing. All you need is a Windows notebook, and we’ll supply the rest.

Power BI Assessment

Unsure how to take Power BI to the next level? Taking advantage of the full set of Power BI capabilities can be a challenge for many organizations. Perhaps your team has developed some reports, but are unsure how best to secure and share them broadly. Maybe you have put together a Power BI dashboard and the visualizations just don’t convey the story you’d like to tell. We’ll perform a rigorous assessment of your Power BI implementation, skills, and dashboards/reports to identify the opportunities to apply best practices. We can work with you to address the gaps or provide guidance on how your team can move forward on its own. Our goal is to make your team self-sufficient in unleashing the full “power” of Power BI.

Data Platform

Inviso ensures your data is always decision-ready with our extensive and practical knowledge of enterprise data platform technologies. Put the power into Power BI and your other data analytical tools by working with Inviso to modernize your entire data platform. Whether integrating multiple data sources into a single relational model, automating data storage and processing into the cloud or on premise, or building powerful, flexible data service layers, Inviso BI solutions has the analytical and engineering expertise to solve your most difficult data challenges.

Cloud and Big Data Solutions

Modern data problems often involve managing ever increasing volumes of information measured in tens of terabytes, even petabytes. Inviso uses distributed big data and cloud technologies like Hadoop and Azure to capture your data, and tools like Azure Event Hub, Azure Stream Analytics and Azure Machine Learning to surface both structured and unstructured data in Power BI in near-real time. Inviso can help you minimize ongoing investments while future-proofing your data-driven solutions by building them on scalable, fail-safe platforms.

We Are Hiring

We are always looking for qualified candidates that want to work in an environment where innovative thinking is supported, successes are rewarded, and the client comes first.

Why choose us

What makes us different?

We hire bright, energetic, passionate, creative and fun people. Our employees are the core of our vision and success and they are what our customers love about us.

Are we a staffing company?

Providing staffing services is only a part of our company. Overall, we are a services organization that provides both project based and ongoing services specialized in application development, business intelligence, marketing, software asset management, and business consulting.

Where can your career go?

Because we are a flat organization, people are rewarded by their ability to influence decisions and direction. We are constantly interacting with all divisions of our company to satisfy the needs of our clients. This collaboration builds skills and knowledge fostering professional growth.

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